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With over 250 units now, we have housed and aided a number of homeless people.

A home is where memories are made with family and friends, it is an important aspect of your life, and most importantly, it provides the feeling of comfort and happiness.

Everyone, regardless of the situation deserves that. For over 20 years, here at LHD, we have helped vulnerable people from the streets and provided self contained accommodation of a good standard!

Our Mission

We have four main focal points for our projects:

  • Provide housing that is the most affordable within each London Local Borough

  • Provide housing that is safe and secure, we inspect all of our properties on a weekly basis to ensure our standards are met and adhered to on a consistent basis

  • Provide short term emergency housing and well as long term housing solutions

  • We will soon be offering a 24/7 booking service, allowing out of hours emergency bookings

Get in touch

Please get in touch if you would like to use our accommodation, our housing expert customer service representatives are happy to assist you.


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